Date: 10 SEPT 2023 
1. Rewards points are only valid for use in JOHNESPRIT online store.
2. All purchases exclude offer item are eligible to earn reward points at a base conversion rate of RM1 = 1 point. The conversion rate rises as the membership tier increases.
3. Reward points are calculated based on nett payment amount after deduction of any coupons and discounts (Promotional offers and reward points redemption). Decimal points are disregarded, for example: RM51.75 converts to 51 ponts.
4. Reward points are automatically credited into members' account after shipment is completed. No points will be credited if an order is cancelled or refunded.
5. Reward points cannot be exchanged for cash.
6. Reward points' validity expires in the period of 1 year. For example, points earned in 1 April 2023 will expire on 31 March 2024.
7. The system will automatically deduct any balance of unsed reward points from members' account accordingly upon expiry.
8. JOHNESPRIT reserves the rights to amend, modify or terminate the reward point program and its validity period at any time without prior notice.
1. If an order is cancelled or refunded with approval from JOHNESPRIT, the utilized reward points will be returned and credited to the member's account according to the transaction amount. Such reimbursement of points will only be applicable for members who redeemed their reward points for instant discount during checkout.
2. JOHNESPRIT reserves the right to amend, modify or terminate the reward point redemption program at any time without prior notice.



1. 奖励积分仅适用于JOHNESPRIT网上商店。

2. 所有购买不包括优惠商品都有资格以 RM1 = 1 积分的基本兑换率赚取奖励积分。 转化率随着会员等级的提高而提高。

3. 奖励积分按扣除任何优惠券和折扣(促销优惠和奖励积分兑换)后的净付款金额计算。 小数点被忽略,例如:RM51.75 转换为 51 蓬。

4. 奖励积分在发货完成后自动存入会员账户。 如果订单取消或退款,则不会获得积分。

5. 奖励积分不可兑换现金。

6. 奖励积分的有效期为1年。 例如,2023 年 4 月 1 日获得的积分将于 2024 年 3 月 31 日到期。

7. 到期后系统将自动从会员账户中相应扣除未使用的奖励积分余额。

8. JOHNESPRIT 保留随时修改、修改或终止奖励积分计划及其有效期的权利,恕不另行通知。



1. 若经JOHNESPRIT批准取消或退款订单,已使用的奖励积分将根据交易金额退回并存入会员账户。 此类积分返还仅适用于在结帐时将奖励积分兑换为即时折扣的会员。

2. JOHNESPRIT 保留随时修改、修改或终止奖励积分兑换计划的权利,恕不另行通知。